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Municipal Law

Municipal law encompasses the representation of local government units such as townships, boroughs, zoning hearing boards, authorities and commissions. Our attorneys advise local governments in all matters affecting their daily operation and governmental functions. This includes land use and zoning law issues, drafting and negotiating municipal contracts, labor agreements and development agreements, as well as prosecuting violations of codes and ordinances Read More

​Zoning & Land Use

Zoning and Land Use law involves the regulation of the use and development of various real estate. Kilkenny Law is focused on working with our clients to reach their goals for zoning and land use. Read More

Criminal Law

Criminal cases are pursued by prosecutors on behalf of the government in response to violations of criminal laws. Criminal law practice also covers juvenile justice, expungement, and criminal rights and defense.

Education Law

Education Law deals with issues of both student and teacher's rights, student safety, matters of code of conduct and student discipline, discrimination at school, and curriculum standards and funding.

Family Law

Family Law refers to the court proceedings involving the family unit, including custody and divorce, child and spousal support, adoption, child abuse, surrogacy and artificial conception, and parental rights and liability.

Real Estate Law

Real Estate law directly impacts almost everyone on a daily basis and you might not even realize it! Real Estate Law covers disputes between landlords and tenants, homeowners issues such as property taxes, insurance, and home improvement, and land use laws.

Estate Planning, Trust, Wills

Estate Planning, including trusts and wills, is an important step in protecting the client’s assets and ensuring that their wishes are carried out correctly. A properly planned estate will prevent intestate laws from determining the disposition of property in an estate and aids in reducing inheritance taxes.

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